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The Emergent Secular Modern Person XVI :: NIETZSCHE'S "WILDERNESS of the MIND"

From NIETZSCHE'S reflection of HoLDERLIN'S poetry; poems like "The JOURNEY", "REMEMBRANCE"; the poet is said to call up the purest ideal spheres and NIETZSCHE suggests that within this purifing Idealism HoLDERLIN has found "HOME". There is no doubt that NIETZSCHE later changed his opinion on the value of such poetic simplicity and "ROMANTIC" sentiment and came to reject it later as a seductive 'anesthesia', a form of life-denying pessimism that prevents one from appreciating and experiencing the possible joy of living in the present.

NIETZSCHE will write of HoLDERLIN'S longer prose work "HYPERION" ; "..nowhere has the longing for GREECE been revealed in purer tones; nowhere, either, is the kinship of soul between HoLDERLIN, ScHELLING, and HEGEL, his close friends, more plain to see." HoLDERLIN'S writings that powerfully affected the young NIETZSCHE are by no means simply jettisoned by him later. These motifs - albeit - transformed, continue to emerge in NIETZSCHE'S whole career as a writer and with increasing frequency as he comes to a premature end as a writer in 1890 at the age of 46. To really grasp the need for a 'cultures powers' to literally transform it's society and to understand the immense degree of transformation through MODERNIZING; it is fascinating to study the GERMAN phenomenon of adopting ENLIGHTENMENT Psychology and Thought from the period of, say, Joseph Haydn to that of Richard Strauss (all approximately 100 years), as only one part of this incredible and amazing century of this movement to MODERNITY and the ERA we now call R O M A N T I C I S M.

Even HoLDERLIN was feeling the limitations of his poetic vision-making. In his poem "The JOURNEY" HoLDERLIN abruptly changes from his glorifying Nature to reaching out to a mythologized IDEALISM of the GOLDEN RACES of GREEK-SOUTHERN tribes. The area between the Northern tribes and the Sun Worshiping GREEKS covered the regions of the Carpathian Mountains, the Black Sea, where the Scythians lived. The HYPERBOREANS sacrificial destination was DELOS where offerings were given to APOLLO, their primary GOD. The GREEKS were "the children of the SUN" and at the edge of the ancient world were found the HYPERBOREANS ! The two met and exchanged under the 'OLIVE TREE'. They exchanged weapons and precious goods of the house, they exchanged the WORD as friendly fathers wished for nothing to be lacking at their children's wedding celebrations. From the GERMAN INTELLECTUALS, from J. J. WINCKELMANN to HEGEL and HoLDERLIN :: the dream of advanced Humanism in the GREEKS also began creating a Dream of the "Idealized Youth"; A SACRED YOUTH and that "state of mind" which HOLDS the WONDER of our life's PHENOMENOLOGY; even if it then ends somewhere in the half dead "state of minds" of those adults who slowly and even rapidly begin to loose this BREEZE of WONDER and fascination with life.

Partly from this 'perspective' of our psychology; this SACRED YOUTH, began the MODERN developing "state of mind" of the "ADOLESCENT". The whining, whimpering adolescent had been around since Roman times, at least, but now a NEW YOUTH began emerging. In GERMANY the new cult of the wunderkind starts in the sphere of lyrical musical talents beginning with the young WOLFGANG MOZART and then LUDWIG von BEETHOVEN. Both child prodigy's and along with their mentor JOSEPH HAYDN ; this trio will become the creators of a new ART FORM in music to enlighten all of the nineteenth century...the SYMPHONY.

The GERMAN ROMANTICISM inspired a generation of British Poets beginning with SAMUEL TAYLOR C O L E R I D G E who studies in GERMANY; SOUTHEY, WORDSWORTH, HAZLITT are effected and the next group immediately following : KEATS, LORD BYRON, and P. B. S H E L L E Y. PERCY S H E L L E Y and his literary companion LORD B Y R O N do more for awakening that ADOLESCENT YOUTHFUL VISION for the world and giving it purpose and depth, ringing throughout the nineteenth century. In his lifetime LORD B Y R O N will be as famous as the looming military juggernaught of NAPOLEON in transforming the consciousness of EUROPE in this bright new ADOLESCENT power-vision of a MODERN NEW PERSON. These and many other enlightened Intellectuals and ARTISTS will become the platform upon which the generation after R O M A N T I C I S M'S grand new stage of perspective and "state of mind" will transform the world and the young mind of one from the next generation :: FRIEDERICH NIETZSCHE.

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