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NIETZSCHE began in his R O M A N T I C D A W N as he outgrew it's naivete's and pipe dreaming only to eventually retain it's deepest essences and attempt to strengthen and to maintain a poetic integrity for the MISSION of R O M A N T I C I S M and the NEW sense of HUMANITY this PROJECT looked forward to.

A parallel to this DREAM of HYPERBOREAN utopia saw a concrete realization in the creation of the OLYMPIAN GAMES...still active today (who says Utopia's are only fantasy ?). Heracles was the founder of the OLYMPIAN GAMES and the HYPERBOREANS. One of Heracles' legendary Twelve Labors was to capture the sacred golden horned doe of Artemis, goddess of the wilderness and of hunting, daughter of ZEUS and LETO. In pursuit of the sacred beast Heracles had to travel to the Land of the HYPERBOREANS.

Upon founding the games at OLYMPIA Heracles realized there were no trees to protect the spectators from the SUN. He remembered his days with the HYPERBOREANS near the unknown source of the DANUBE RIVER, where he once "stood in amazement at its trees". The tradition of garlanding the OLYMPIC victors with wreaths of olive leaves is said to commemorate the success of Heracles in bringing back HYPERBOREAN OLIVE TREES. The Greek Hero PERSEUS visited the lands of the HYPERBOREANS, also. To try to rid himself of PERSEUS' intervention to obtain his mother, the King of the Island of Seriphos challenged young PERSEUS to conquering the dreaded MEDUSA - whose sight would turn all to stone - only PERSEUS succeeded and then turned the Gorgon's dreaded power to his enemies on Seriphos turning them all to stone.

According to PINDAR'S version of the story of PERSEUS, PERSEUS visits the Land of the HYPERBOREANS and there viewed the happy existence of this Topia - land. For the HYPERBOREANS achieved a rule of life where they banished the influences of NEMESIS and thus achieved the IDEAL human type which so appealed to the young FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE. The HYPERBOREANS burst forth with song and dance making plentiful sacrifices to A P O L L O, giving the Greeks their symbol of victory and prosperity in the OLIVE TREE - all without any mention of concern for compensation or utility. The HYPERBOREANS lived "escaping the ridged rule of NEMESIS".

NEMESIS was the goddess of righteous indignation and divine retribution for evil. NEMESIS appears to become the female personification of the inevitable enforcement of a cosmic justice. " It " or SHE punishes humans for violations of morality and especially for the HUBRIS of their presumption to enjoy the kind of complete happiness only appropriate to the GODS. NIETZSCHE rejected the idea of a divine or natural moral standard existing independent of human perspectives and valuations. As HYPERBOREANS live escaping the rigid rule of (LAW) NEMESIS; as they seem to live free of internal and external compulsions to measure the worth of their actions and thoughts by alien moral standards that pretend to be objective and Universal. In other words, HYPERBOREANS live life in FREEDOM and VIRTUE...Beyond Good and Evil.

NIETZSCHE is a trailblazer who also has laid claim to rediscovering no less than the "Philosopher's Stone":

"We have discovered happiness, we know the way, we have found the exit out of the labyrinth of thousands of years.' All one needs to do to find the way, then, is to make that same shift in perspectives seen above, from the ' Dithyrambs of Dionysus ' fragment, where happiness is held to belong to an impossible other life in an unreachable realm, to the first paragraph of the first section of 'The ANTICHRIST', where that "life" and "happiness" is OURS..."

The MODERN WORLD has created the veil over all our eyes in the name of CAPITALISM (and for the 1%) The meanings of life have been reduced to a commodity and the BIRDCAGES of the society of luxury; even if in order to stop disease and slavery. Western societies of WAR & DEATH machines MODERNIZED into the NAPOLEONIC armies of reconstruction :: as the MODERN WORLD of commercialism have been and continue to be NEW armies of entertainment and $BILLION$ advertizing campaigns weighing waste to human consciousness to replace it with T.V. commercials and movies of growing diminishing significance for humanity but rather for the profit gains of industry.

In the rising ages of Chivalry the Knights became a plateau from which arose Honor above the quagmire of stupidity, ignorance, and barn yard animalism. William SHAKESPEARE helped structure the ROMANTICISM of the DAWNING communities of a rising MIDDLE CLASS. The Lawyers and Engineers paved the road to the MODERN WORLD. Now, here, we find ourselves evaporating all of our "human" meaning to cut to bottom lines for profits, to eliminate that MIDDLE CLASS to make more room for millionaires and billionaires, to rape - harvest the Natural World to make parking lots and palm olive tree groves over the corpses of unnecessary creatures like TIGERS, ORANGATANS, or ELEPHANTS...those pesky creatures we can put in a ZOO for "OUR" entertainment.

ARTHUR ScHOPENHAUER looked to the Knowledge of BUDDHA and the value of Nothingness -vs- the supposed value of Something. Possibly the balance of the "Philosopher's Stone" is to recognize all value is OUR PERCEPTION of VALUE and not anything to be found in mans MATERIALIST, self - Identity or the finite physical world.

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