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The Elephant in the Living Room explores the beauty and pitfalls of exotic animal ownership film The Elephant in the Living Room, created by award winning film maker Michael Webber explores exotic animal ownership, the relationship forged between these animals and their owners and the inherent dangers of being an exotic animal owner.

The Elephant in the Living Room
follows Tim Harrison, touted as one of the leading authorities on the rescue of exotic pets, as he works through the flood of calls he receives regarding dangerous animal sightings throughout suburban America. It also documents exotic animal owners like Terry Brumfield, a man who keeps two African lions as family pets

Premièring to accolades at the Santa Monica Film Festival, The film was screened on April 2, 2010 at the Vail International Film Festival and has been quickly gaining critical acclaim. The film makes an effort to provide an unbiased view of the dangers as well as the love and compassion associated with exotic animal ownership. In an era of state regulation of exotic animal ownership, I was surprised to discover that there are many places where large exotic animals like lions are not regulated. This movie is highly recommended for the in depth and educational information it provides about a situation that is relatively underground, the ownership of animals in areas where they necessarily do not belong.

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 The Elephant in the Living Room