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The Elephant Bar: An Asian Ethnic Dining Experience

A Dining Experience Reminiscent of an African Safari
A Dining Experience Reminiscent of an African Safari

The Elephant Bar is a culinary delight for the ethnic connoisseur. The restaurant is located at the The District at Green Valley. The diner can enjoy a day of shopping at The District, relaxing at the Green Valley Resort and Spa, and partake in some wonderful cuisine from Asia and other ethnic influences. The cuisine is classified as American; however, the restaurant combines flavors from several regions of the world. The Elephant Bar is a great place for the novice ethnic connoisseur, because the tastes of the world are carefully blended for the Americanized palate.

The experience will begin when the diner enters the door. The ethnic architectural elements are reminiscent of an African Safari complete with African themed music to add to the ambiance. Elements of bamboo and leopard carpeting add to the African theme. Wild animals grace the walls to enhance the experience.

On the menu, the connoisseur will find an eclectic mix of flavors that will meet the needs of any diner. One of the favorites amongst ethnic diners is the lettuce leaves topped with Thai peanut sauce and fruit salsa. The Asian inspired wok-fired chopped chicken is another favorite. Coconut shrimp skewers are complete with pineapple orange and Pan Pacific dipping sauces. There is also a delectable Pad Thai dish that could transport the ethnic diner to Bangkok for just a few hours.

For those trying to keep their weight loss New Year’s Resolution, the ethnic diner can find a citrus salad. The citrus salad consists of mixed greens with green apples, Mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, carrots, avocado, caramelized walnuts, green onions and blue cheese.

While avocado is 75 percent fat, most of the fat is monounsaturated fat. Studies show that patients suffering from high cholesterol have shown a 17 percent decrease in cholesterol levels after consuming avocados for seven days. The bad cholesterol (LDL) decreased by 22 percent and the good cholesterol increased by 11 percent (HDL). Avocados also are rich in Vitamin K, Vitamin E, and B Vitamins. Avocados also possess high fiber content. While it may be tempting to tell the chef to hold the avocado, the ethnic diner may just miss some vital nutrients.

For the ethnic diner not watching his or her weight, The Elephant Bar has some wonderful desserts as well. The list includes a molten lava cake with a raspberry puree and an apple cobbler served a la mode.

The restaurant is affordable. Most dishes are less than $15 per entrée. Therefore, the budgeting ethnic diner can have a pleasant experience while on a budget. 


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