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'The Elder Scrolls Online' update 1 patch and negative reviews discussed

'The Elder Scrolls Online' image
'The Elder Scrolls Online' image
Photo courtesy of Bethesda Softworks, used with permission

A spokesperson from Zenimax Online Studios has posted an update on several subjects regarding the PC and Mac versions of "The Elder Scrolls Online." According to a report from Softpedia on May 1, the development team is currently working on reducing gold spammers and dungeon bots in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The studio is also encouraging players to keep reporting suspicious activities along with any glitches.

The representative went on to admit that it is impossible to keep "The Elder Scrolls Online" free of bugs due to the scope of the world as well as many different character variations. However, weekly updates are being provided by Zenimax Online Studios to fix the ongoing problems. Furthermore, the upcoming update 1 patch also contain several major fixes along with the additions of Craglorn, Trials and other new features. You can find the full list of the planned fixes on the official website of the video game.

The same individual also talked about the mixed review scores for "The Elder Scrolls Online." Zenimax Online Studios believed that much of the negatively are associated with the glitches, which are actively being fixed. The development team will also try to address all of the "shortcomings" being reported by both fans and critics. Thus, the video game should improve in quality every week. You can find the statement from the spokesperson below:

Some of the negativity in reviews comes from bugs. As you can see, we’re hard at work addressing them and will keep rolling out fixes. The important thing for you, the community, to know is that we’re looking at ALL the feedback (from critics and from players), we’re addressing any shortcomings, and we’ll continue to do so. This game will get better and better every week.

Along with the computer versions, the studio is also developing the PS4 and Xbox One ports of "The Elder Scrolls Online." The monthly subscription for the PC and Mac iterations won't work on the next-generation consoles. The software product also requires Xbox Live Gold when playing on the Xbox One system.

"The Elder Scrolls Online" has been available for the PC and Mac since April 4. The PS4 and Xbox One versions are scheduled to arrive around two months later sometime in June. A screenshot from the official Facebook page of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game with the picture attached to the top side of this article. The PS4 and Xbox One console ports can be reserved from Amazon in the subsequent link: “The Elder Scrolls Online.”

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