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'The Elder Scrolls Online' PS4 and Xbox One limited editions unveiled

'The Elder Scrolls Online' character
'The Elder Scrolls Online' character
Photo courtesy of Bethesda Softworks, used with permission

Several limited editions have been revealed in regards to the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One ports of the multiplatform title, "The Elder Scrolls Online." According to a report from Just Push Start on May 10, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game is getting a special steel book based on the three alliances in the story. Players can pick between the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant and Ebonheart Pact editions.

The steel book cover features a character of the alliance on one side. The other side includes various signatures from several prominent members of the development team. The limited editions are exclusive to EB Games and priced at $99.95 each in Australia. Furthermore, customers who reserved the video game in advance are also getting a few pre-order bonuses with the Explorer's Pack. The DLC expansion comes with the Scuttler vanity pet, four treasure maps as well as the option to pick between the nine playable races.

EB Games currently does not have an official release date for "The Elder Scrolls Online" on the PS4 and Xbox One. ZeniMax Online Studios previously confirmed that the console ports have been pushed back due to some difficulties with implementing some of the features onto the Playstation Network and Xbox Live. Instead of the planned release for next month, the launch date got postponed for approximately half a year. Even if the game managed to come out before the end of the year, it would have to compete against a lot of big holiday releases.

"The Elder Scrolls Online" has been available for the PC and Mac platforms since last month. ZeniMax Online Studios had to deal with a lot of launch issues so far, including a few exploits and bots. The development team ended up having to release weekly updates continually in order to fix the numerous problems. A screenshot showing a character in the multiplatform title from the official Facebook page can be seen near the top of this article.