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The Egyptian Goddess Isis and the March Full Moon

Goddess Isis helps us connect with the energis of renewal, rebirth, success and hope.
Goddess Isis helps us connect with the energis of renewal, rebirth, success and hope.
Trish Hoskin

In many Pagan traditions, the March full moon heralds the time of year for hope, success, renewal and rebirth.  As spring has just barely begun, this full moon is the perfect time to get in touch with these energies.  A fitting deity to invoke at this time then, is the Egyptian goddess Isis.  She is associated with fertility, the moon, magick and rebirth. According to the,

"The ancient Egyptian goddess Isis has many gifts to share… Isis embodies the strengths of the feminine, the capacity to feel deeply about relationships, the act of creation and the source of sustenance and protection.

"At times Isis could be a clever trickster empowered by her feminine wiles rather than her logic or brute strength, but it is also the goddess Isis who shows us how we can use our personal gifts to create the life we desire rather than simply opposing that which we do not like.

"The myths of Isis… caution us about the need for occasional renewal and reconnection in our relationships. Isis also reminds us to acknowledge and accept the depths of our emotions."

During a March full moon celebration, invoking Isis can help participants connect with the energy of new beginnings, starting over and purification.

March Full Moon Guided Visualization

Use the following visualization individually or with a group to tap into this month's energy. Find a quiet and comfortable spot and allow about ten minutes to complete this activity.

  1. Relax your mind and body. Focus on breathing deeply and slowly. Allow the thoughts that come into your mind to leave, leaving a quiet, dark and safe space within. Feel the earth beneath you and the universe above you.
  2. Imagine walking in the warm morning sands of Egypt.
  3. The sun is just coming up and you can still see twinkling stars in the pinks and blues of the sky.
  4. Take a deep breath, inhaling the freshness of the morning. The coolness of the night still lingers, so give yourself a hug as your wrap yourself tighter in the beautiful shawl around your shoulders.
  5. Turn, and see the Great Pyramid.
  6. Take in its massive size and the way it seems to pulse with hidden energies.
  7. At its foot, is a figure seated on a blanket. Walk towards her.
  8. She sees you coming and smiles. She has been expecting you and beckons you to sit with her.
  9. This is the beautiful goddess Isis. She is the goddess of renewal, rebirth and the energy of new beginnings.
  10. Spend a few moments communicating with her. She has a message or a gift regarding your life and your upcoming plans.
  11. Stay here with her, watching the sun come up and feeling the warmth of the day wash over you.
  12. Finally, it is time to leave so thank Isis for her wisdom and gifts. Know you can always come back at any time.
  13. Stand and walk away, slowly bringing your conscious mind back to the room you are in.

Celebrating the March full moon is a great way to connect with the energies of purity, success, hope and rebirth.


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