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Former Attorney General Mukasey says Reason for impeachment is not necessary about breaking the law

Lindsey Graham is on record saying that if Obama releases anymore criminal terrorists from gitmo, impeachment would be on the table. Which begs the question that since he already has released the worse of the worse, why would you wait for him to release lesser terrorist actors? An even bigger question is can Obama, being the first black President do anything to get himself impeached? And the biggest question of all is even if he deserves it for the sake of the country what good would it do the country; seeing that the Senate controlled by Democrats would never convict him?

I will answer the last question. I will begin by saying do not let Lindsey Graham decide what will be in the articles of impeachment. It is my understanding that it was Graham who pushed not to have perjury as one of the articles of impeachment against Bill Clinton. That would have been the one thing that could have been proven. I would suggest using all of the usual scandal suspects; IRS, NSA, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Bergdahl and Obama’s changes in law by omission and commission. Obama’s part in the unconstitutional way they got Obamacare into law must be included. However I would add one more thing that I am afraid Republicans would refuse to touch. There are documentation and other hidden effects about Obama of which he has paid millions to keep away from the public.

Now, here is something articulated by a former Judge and past US Attorney General. He explained that High Crimes and Misdemeanors do not refer to ordinary crimes. In fact he said that it could refer to things under the power of the President. Let’s say the president decided under his power to pardon all prisoners. Or to release all enemy combatants and either of these under his power was considered to be terribly against the welfare of the country, he could be impeached. Or consider the Fact that Obama has often taken the mantle of the constitutional powers of both the congress, making laws by Fiat; and the power of the court by deciding which laws he considered constitutional and worth obeying. These are things detrimental to the country. He does not have to break the law. Former Attorney General Mukasey said the Founders made that completely clear.

So what good would impeachment do? First consider this. Obama has done so many things that he is in danger of making the presidency an imperial office in which a President could do anything. For that reason alone it would be worth bringing people to the facts. Whenever Conservatives, Independents, libertarians or liberal progressives debate a matter, they bring what each claims to be facts. One may say night and the other say day. Each are convinced that they are right. A full throated trial in the Senate, with a real prosecutor (Not Lindsey Graham), where facts under oath is presented, eliminates who has the facts and who does not. All the citizens should be made aware that Republicans are saying that Obama needs to be impeached and that they cannot do it without Democrats. Let the people know that it will take them to cause their representatives to do it. Challenge the citizens, saying they alone can fix it or end up with what is tantamount to a king for the next 2 years. The people upon knowing that this man’s life and acts have been lies from the beginning and full of unconstitutional or detrimental acts, will do the rest.

The point is a live trial circumventing the media, presenting sworn facts and sources that cannot be argued logically against, is priceless. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court sitting as Judge will make it extra specially so. The Full truth about Obama being presented would draw large audiences. Nothing serious should be held back. Yes that will include the investigation of Joe Arpaio. Not to prove where he was born. Just to show that no one has ever presented anything other than a forged document. This will be found to be the case in almost every early essential document about him. Now imagine what people will do when they find out, what this man is not and what he has really done; without the MSM filter. All that dare defend him against the good of the people may never recover themselves. Who knows, if done right, they might even make it known to him that they will vote against him, rather than take a fall themselves. This is what Impeachment now can do for his opposition. But Obama walked up to them and took their power of the purse, as they refused to support Ted Cruz. We also know there are some that want to do this. The fact that they have not done so is fear. They could learn from the old cartoon Underdog. “There is no need to fear, this is the answer right here.”

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