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The Effectiveness of Blogs and Blogging for the Marketing of Online Businesses

Online presence is essential for any business today. Having a website on the internet is what’s considered as online presence. However, this is not where your efforts should end. In fact, you should be targeting an effective and recognizable online presence. If it was important and effective to only have a website on the internet, millions of businesses that have been unsuccessful in their ventures would have become big businesses by now. In addition to advertising, online promotions, b2b live transfer leads, social media marketing, etc., there are certain methods, manners and maneuvers that let a business be recognized by an international audience that comes on the internet on a daily basis.

Importance of Blogs and Blogging

In recent years there has been a special emphasis on the importance of blogs and blogging. Online experts have recommended businesses to have blogs frequently and persistently. It is because common public feels more comfortable in going on a blog for information rather than visiting an official company website. Blogs are written in more information language and the information shared on blogs is of more interest for the common public. Information on official websites sounds more like sales pitch to the customers. Blog stands as a companion for your website and door that sends traffic on your website.

It’s not surprising that over 40% of the companies in US are investing their time and efforts in blogging for marketing purposes. Blogs allow you to share information that is relevant to your business, not only business-specific information. You can share information from all around the world that is relevant to your industry and interesting for readers. Not to mention, blogs also act as perfect marketing and customer support tools when you talk to your customers and resolve their issues on them. Did you also know that companies that are currently using blogs for marketing purposes are getting 55% more traffic on their websites?

How To Use Blogs For Marketing

Blogs can be perfect marketing tools for any business if used properly and effectively. On each social networking page you have for your website you should put a link for your blog. Let the latest blog posts that are being posted on your blogs be shown on your official website as well. Since you can change the layout of your blog and give it any colors you want, let your brand be reflected through your blog as well. Talk to customers and reply to their posts online so they can feel more connected to your business and brand.

You can have your website or blog address be shared across the most popular blogs through guest posting. Post interesting and informative content on the blog and make sure that it doesn’t sound like a sales pitch for your products and services. Post as regularly as possible and keep updating the blog. Let your blog be a way of directing the traffic to your official website instead of making profit and business from it. Let your blog be known on the internet and it will do rest of the job for you.

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