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The effect of modern hip-hop

It appears that with the current status of the hip-hop culture that there has been a decline of morality within communities across the United States mostly observed through the behavior of the youths. This has also proven to be the case in areas outside the U.S.A. With the rapid changes in the music industry geared to make more money and not necessarily quality product, the world has undergone a very degrading transformation as it relates to moral conduct, respect for others and responsibility. For far too long record labels have been signing acts or artist mainly for their ability to cater to an audience who lack the desire for melody, song structure and uplifting content within the music that they listen to. With this being the case, we now have a generation that finds music to be more interesting when it is filled with degradation than when it has clean and respectful content as it's core. This has, over time resulted in more youths and adults who live in inner cities to suffer from hopelessness and a lack of positive spirit. However, this condition can be turned around when record labels and producers of R&B and Hip Hop begin to higher their standards in regard to the lyrical content of signed artists.

Below is a link to a video that depicts this story...WARNING: EXPLICIT LYRICS:

Wyclef Jean Contemplates Pop Music Misogyny:



  • JM 5 years ago

    Well said my brother! There is very little in the hip hop of today that I enjoy. Give me some PE, XClan, and BDP any day over this vulgar nonsense poisoning the airwaves today!