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The edge of dreaming

Photo Credit: Amy Hardie Productions

What would you do if you had a dream you were going to die this year? Would you say, “It’s just a dream,” or would you consider the possibility more deeply? These types of dreams are called precognitive dreams in which the dreamer had tapped into a source of information that has not yet occurred. And this is exactly what Amy Hardie’s new documentary, The Edge of Dreaming, is about.

A Scottish filmmaker specializing in science documentaries, Hardie began investigating the social, biological and historical aspects of death after her mother passed away. During this investigative journey Hardie experienced a dream in which her horse was dying and when she woke up she found the dream had come true. But it was the dream which followed that would stir Hardie’s scientific reductionism. She dreamed she would die at the age of 48. The dream left her so shaken she decided to chart every step of that year and turned it into an intimate portrait of her journey into dreams.

The Edge of Dreaming premieres in the U.S. on POV, a PBS showcase of independent nonfiction films, on August 24, 2010. Watch the trailer.

For more info: Visit The Edge of Dreaming site or POV for local listings.


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