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The Economics of Digital Comics

We are deep in the middle of “that time of year” again. For those versed in “geek-speak” you know I am talking about Convention Season. With HeroesCon wrapping up last weekend and more on the way; including the over-the-top San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con; the big-boys of comics will be throwing out everything they can with what is happening and what is coming in the future. However, something visitors will also notice is a rising number of “indie” artists in what some conventions refer to as “Indie-Island,” or “Indie-Aisle.”

This area is generally populated by independent artists looking to make a break in the business or to promote their own works and a lot of these artists have gone digital. Many of the independent artists have found it easier to self-publish through sites like Comixology or the Sequential app for ipad rather than invest in physical, paper books that could sit and take up valuable space, not to mention the requirement of a rather sizable upfront investment.
To address many of the financial requirements, investments, and profits of digital comics, Todd Allen has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the third edition of his book, The Economics of Digital Comics, formerly known as The Economics of Web Comics. While the project reached its campaign goal within the first few days, there are still plenty of incentives to get people to contribute early.

Todd Allen has been involved in comics and digital media for over 15 years. He has covered digital comics for Publisher’s Weekly, Chicago Tribune, the Beat, and Comic Book Resources since 2002. As contributing editor at the Beat, they have been nominated for an Eisner Award and named one of TIME’s Top 25 Blogs of 2012. He was the originating producer in charge of getting the American Medical Association’s suite of medical journals online and taught eBusiness in the Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management Department at Columbia College in Chicago for 5 years.

You have until Friday, July 18th, to check it out and contribute.

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