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The Eco-Washer: Eco-friendly invention that helps you wash green and save green

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Ah the dreaded laundry day! We shrink from the loathsome chore for all kinds of reasons: the sorting, the lugging, the folding, not to mention that, globally, it expends nearly three trillion gallons of water per year. If only there was a way to keep the washer you have and still be more energy efficient. Thanks to a new and improved device called the Eco-Washer, there is.

Julius Toth, the architect behind the Eco-Washer, set out sixteen years ago to create a product that in his own words would “eliminate the use of expensive and unnecessary toxic detergents and hot water to wash laundry with.” He says the process wasn’t always easy and the biggest obstacle was, “designing a unit that would work with all types of washing machines”.

Though the development of the technology proved demanding at times, Toth and his team’s hard work paid off. The result is the third generation Eco-Washer that eliminates the need to purchase a newer and more costly energy efficient washer. Installing the technology is a simple three-step process that takes less than ten minutes.

The Eco-Washer requires zero maintenance, keeps clothes looking newer twice as long, and uses one hundred percent natural oxidation to eliminate toxic residue from harsh chemicals in detergents. If these benefits aren’t motivating enough Mr. Toth describes one reason everyone would benefit from an Eco-Washer, "the product saves families thousands of dollars over its ten year life use".

The Eco-Washer saves money, reduces water waste, eliminates the use of toxic detergents, and is compatible with all washing machines; what’s not to love? Now about that folding, sorting, and lugging.