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The 'EC Twins' exclusive interview with Jenn Findley

Jenn: “Hi I’m Jenn, I’m with the”

Mark and Alister, the EC Twins
Mark and Alister, the EC TwinsPhoto by Michael Buckner

Allister: “I’m Allister, and he’s Marc.”

Neither of these brothers was hard to look at. Wearing cutting edge rocker wardrobe, not overdone; two pairs of sparkly eyes were on me and their resposes, often hysterical, and facial expressions made them all-stars of who to interview and who is interesting.

In the EC Twins with Marc and Allister, interviewed with Jenn Findley; she decided they made her top-ten celebrity list then and there. They even made it to Reno, NV.

Jenn: "So what brings you guys from Manchester, England to Reno? [Nevada]"

Allister: "Well, the show brought out out to Reno."

Marc: "Well, we've never been out to Reno, we are trying to push the envelope and reach smaller cities. See if they are interested."

I was impressed by Marc's quick-save for Allister's sarcasm. He sounded authentic. Yet they were both very laid back, and they were up next on stage. Preferably, the interview is done after the performance, however, sometimes you roll with the punches.

Marc: "(Continuing) It's just that we've got all the big markets in Europe covered. In America we've got New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco."So we're taking a tour of that and so when Reno came up, one of the smaller cities, you know, places we've never been before, places a lot of people have never been before to try and see how far Electronic Music has spread, and if these smaller cities like Buffalo, and Reno and Rochester, and of course we have to support those with Vegas, etc."

Allister: "II mean they're still big cities, just not like, you know…"

Jenn: "Yes, I am from LA. I get it. Reno has it's own appeal to it."

Allister: "Yeah, yeah, it's just to see if something's going on and if we can pioneer new scenes here, and feed it all back to the rest of the scene and let them know."

Jenn: "So, for you, what is your favorite part about playing the music onstage?"

Allister: "Well, it's just something you do and you make a living, it's something that you have done for free. So to get paid to do that is what is sort of special about it."

Marc: "I mean, for a long time in America, you'd do this Electronic Music and people wouldn't like it. I mean, it's been five years, we've been on tour for five years now, and it just gets bigger and bigger. And we are playing the music to people who love this part of this scene."

Jenn: "I see this going even further. And by 2015 I think it's going to be even more huge than it is now."

Allister: "Well it's just huge now, I don't' know if it's getting any bigger, everybody wants to be a DJ, it's all over the television it's completely polarized where people asked us if DJ'ing was something you could actually get paid for or is it just a hobby? It's House Music. I mean, you can call it EDM, but they were saying back then, that nobody listens to House Music, or nobody listens to Techno. It's been really sort of cathartic for us to still be paying in."

Marc: "We sort of push ourselves into conceivably awkward situations. Just to test the limits to where it's gone. Because we could have gone to Vegas this weekend, we could have stayed an extra night in LA. Those bookings became available to us, we came in and sat down with our manager, it's memorial weekend. It's quite a big weekend for us. To keep ourselves artistic. We'll see how good of a thing this is for Reno."

Allister: "I think it's good it's an all-ages crowd, the thing about that is the've got years and years in front of them, and if we're able to plant that seed, make kinda great impressions for tonight, which would not only be great for our careers, but for the careers. These kids have got maybe 20 years in front of them, and it would be great for them to be into the music."

Jenn: "When did you get into music?"

Marc: "We started in a club in Scotland, in a club when we were kids. Probably 16 when we did parties, 17 when we did this more regularly, and I think about 18 when we got a call from a nightclub and that's sort of when we got into it. When we got into America, we paid attention on expanding the idea. Originally there was no House Music, other than deep Chicago House, so we hadn't been big since the mid-90s. We were kinda forced to come here [America] to revolutionize the sound. So we ended up throwing parties here and DJ'ing. That was about 5 years ago."

Allister: "But we've been doing this since we were kids, since we were just kids."

Since kids, they have found a way to rock the EDM movement. Or, in their words, House Music. As good-looking as Brad Pitt, or any other standard of celebrity charm, they had the "it" factor.

The added to the performance through Amplified Entertainment an aerial artist performing at the tender age of 18 for her first time.

The Aerialist, Teresa Showgren went up on stage, Alli Meetz. Alli's senior student, Teresa, throughout various performances of the night. At the young age of 18 years old, it was her first performance after practicing for two-and-a-half years under mentor, Alli who owns "Tahoe Aerial Arts" in South Lake Tahoe.

Jenn: "So how are you feeling? Tonight is your first performance?"

Teresa: "I'm a bit nervous, yeah." She giggled.

Jenn: "So your opportunity came before through Alli. [her mentor, owner of the studio]."

Teresa: "Yeah we met at Tahoe Ariel Arts up in South Lake Tahoe, and she got this gig and she was like, do you want to do it? Of course!"

I was fascinated by her expert make up job. Her eyes were lit up like fireflies. Also, with fun sparkles galore.

Jenn: "So, who did your make up?"

Teresa: "I did it actually, Alli helped me with it though."

Jenn: "It's really gorgeous, I love it. So tell me how long before it took you to walking into the studio to tonight's performance."

Teresa: "A year and six months."

Jenn: "How many times a week?"

Teresa: "I go at least three times a week, plus conditioning classes, etc."

After seeing the hoop descend from the stage with Teresa on it, I was floored. I couldn't believe the talent she had, under her mentor, Alli's tutelage, to perform with such grace, style and effervescence. The aerial act added to the show and the crowd grew silent as she was up every hour on the hour.

I had the opportunity to interview another DJ as well as Ken from Amplified Entertainment who booked the show, put it together, and is as involved in the performances, the flyers, down to the nitty-gritty of it all. He puts both hands in and isn't afraid to promote in any way he can.

Next, the DJ I interviewed was James Boggan.

Jenn: "So how did you become involved in tonight's excellent festivities?"

James: "I work for 'Future Strange'."

Jenn: "What more do you do? It seems like you are involved more than performing?"

James: "I started performing in 2008, and I have been promoting for some time."

Jenn: "You rocked it up their up there I watched you. So how did you get into it?"

James: "One of my buddies, came home one night from a party and showed me what dub-step was actually and he showed me some tracks and I wanted to play it. So I started contacting people. It was really hard at first because back then nobody knew what it was. Exept for like, over in the UK it kept blowing up over there. It started blowing up in America, the whole EDM invasion, British Invasion. Popularity came, and now there is all kinds of EDM out there. I started out with vinyl."

Jenn: "Is this something very tactile to you?"

James: "I like vinyl, I still play vinyl."

Jenn: "Where can we find more of your stuff?"

James: "Soundcloud, under 'Future Strange', and other methods."

With the addition of the interview with the aerial artist, as well as Bogan, another EDM DJ it really spiced up the evening and I picked up a couple glow-sticks myself. Mostly to get through the crowd, although the colors are quite fantastic when at home with the lights out.

This performance throughout the night of course was highlighted when the EC Twins came out with their first track of "Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll". The crowd was popping with excitement and held their glow-sticks, dressed in raver-style and one raver chick bought me an apple cider. I usually have cherry coke, but what the heck, I was at a rave after all.

Website for EC Twins:

The Knitting Factory, Reno

Tahoe Aerial Arts website:

James Boggan:

Website for Amplified Entertainment:

Instagram & Twitter: @AmplifiedEnt