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The Ebb and Flow of Hundred Waters in Detroit

Hundred Waters performs at The Loving Touch, in Ferndale, MI.
©Nicole Wrona | MLS

The people playing pool stopped in their tracks. For the entire song, they forgot they were playing to the death. Hundred Waters had made a dramatic entrance at the Loving Touch in Ferndale. The indie band from Gainesville, Florida was on an extensive North American tour with Braids. They had only been performing for little more than a year, and had been signed to the OWSLA record label soon after forming.

Keys ripped through the anticipation, followed by that voice. The voice of Nicole Miglis was upbeat with a sad story behind it, at times haunting with a lingering hint of airiness. Like running thru fields with a menacing storm cloud fast approaching- keep looking back, it's gaining momentum, nipping at your heels, ready to sweep you away. Then the sun comes out.

Hundred Waters cast its spell, keeping the audience mesmerized during the entire set. Music became atmospheric expression as Hundred Waters played into the darkness. When the music competed with the singing, an incredible moment in sound was created. The complex dichotomy of instruments versus voice creates the intrigue to listen further, pushing you to reach for more, has you hoping to grasp something tangible from the layers of sound released into the air.

Eventually the clink of the glasses reminded the audience they were still on a bar, waking them up from their transfixed state.

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