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The eBags story

eBags wheeled carryon
courtesy eBags

“There’s nothing wrong with being the leading bag website in the world. We’re very comfortable with that,” says Peter Cobb, one of the founders of eBags. “We also pioneered customer reviews. We even publish the bad ones” Who created eBags? It’s a group of men who in the nineties, began to notice that this thing called the internet was going to change everything about retailing products. They were working at Samsonite, they quit and started eBags.

As the internet and computers took over more and more of the business world, so grew eBags. They had to convince manufacturers to become willing to sell one bag at a time and to take care of shipping the bags to consumers. That done it made a simple plan develop. eBags has a warehouse for storing their own label bags and for some bags from brands. For the most part, they are kept in the manufacturer’s warehouses. However eBags does present the full line of many brands on its website. It shows all of Tumi’s bags, all of Samsonite’s the same with many brands.

They also have a collection of customer reviews of the bags which are available 24/7. Currently, there are 2.9 million reviews. They currently have 57,000 bags on line. There is limited phone shopping at eBags. It does almost everything by the internet.

"We just love being in that 360 degree loop, selling the bags and helping the brands manufacture better bags. For us that means that once a week we send feedback on the bags to the manufacturers. It helps them improve their products,” says Cobb.

Then came packing cubes. eBags is a major manufacturer of packing cubes. These packing cubes help travelers to organize what they pack. These cubes come in four sizes: slim, small, medium and large and a host of colors and patterns. They can be used to keep all of junior’s clothes in one color, as an example. They can be used to separate his shirts from her lingerie, they can be placed with their contents into the drawers in a hotel and returned to their bags easily. There are a host of uses. So successful are these packing cubes that if they were a separate brand, they would be the second best selling brand of bags on the site.

eBags sent me two bags, a rolling duffle bag (eBags Mother Lode TLS 29" Wheeled Duffel) which is terrific and a rolling carry-on bag (eBags TLS 22" Expandable Carry-On). I highly recommend the rolling duffle bag. It is easy to maneuver and holds a multitude of things very well. Both are orange and, therefore, will be easy to spot on the luggage carousel. The roll-on bag is very nice as well and I would recommend that you take a look at eBags collection of roll-on bags. There’s something for every taste, style and budget. I have used eBags myself for many years and know that they present a very good product.

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