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The "Easter Attitude"

What does Easter Remind You of?
What does Easter Remind You of?
Arlene Farrar

Now that the "Bunny" is gone for another year and the Easter baskets have been put away, what comes next? While Christmas is the next "big" Christian celebration, there is another aspect of Easter that needs consideration.

While there may be numerous reasons that Easter has become a one-day event, they really aren’t important. The question that IS important is what each of us does with Easter. When Easter is given a single day for celebration, we lose the essential message of what Easter represents. Christ-followers need to celebrate Easter continually.

Easter represents hope, joy and the assurance that life can always be better. The celebration of Easter reminds us of the love God has shown for His creation. When Easter is given one day, we can lose the transforming power of the resurrection and see Easter as only a day of colored eggs and beautiful baskets.

As Christ-followers, we need to have an "Easter Attitude". The Easter Attitude relates to how we view life. A simple question will help determine your own Easter Attitude, "Is life lived here and now or is life more that what you see today?" The Easter Attitude lives life for the future and is not comfortable with the here and now. The Easter Attitude is not so much about what today looks like as it is about the soul's relation to eternity.

To live with an Easter Attitude is to see the temporary nature of the world today and realize that eternity has so much more to offer. Life is about the resurrection - not about what you seize today. All will stand before the resurrected Jesus. Your Easter Attitude will be a critical component of what you hear Jesus say.


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