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The easiest way to lose weight, get healthy in 2014

Cut back on booze to lose weight

Will you be making a New Year's resolution in the next few days? If you're like many Americans, you'll commit to get healthy, improve your fitness and and lose weight in 2014. Some of us will join gyms, some will go on diets and many of us will do both. But what if counting calories and monitoring your heart rate is not your thing? One of the easiest ways to lose weight and improve your health in 2014 is to cut back on booze.

New Year's Eve calories

Guess how many calories you'll consume in a night of revelry on New Year's Eve? A single glass of champagne contains 91 calories. Not bad if you only drink one. But the calories add up if you start drinking early and party through midnight. A bottle of champagne contains 495 calories.

Benefits of cutting back on booze

If you drink less on New Year's Eve, you'll be more likely to make better food choices throughout the night. And you'll be prepared for a healthy breakfast and calorie-busting New Year's Day run, like the Commitment Day 5K in downtown Minneapolis or the Resolution Solution in White Bear Lake.

Use these resources to learn more about why you should consider cutting back on booze to lose weight. Then learn how to make a tasty alternative to champagne for your New Year's Eve party.

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