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The Easiest Playdough You Will Ever Make

All you need!
All you need!
Emily L. Goodman

You’re in a bind. The kids are driving you out of your mind (wait…can you be driven somewhere that you already are?), there are a hundred things around the house that need doing, and there is absolutely nothing for them to do. You’re out of creative ideas. You’re out of art supplies. It’s cold, wet, and nasty outside (again). What’s a homeschooling mom to do?

Throw together something short, sweet, and simple—and hope it really will entertain them, that’s what! If your kids are Playdough fans (and yet have managed, yet again, to turn every canister in the house into something that resembles a muddy mass of dog hair and grit off of the floor), then this one’s for you.

Reach into your cabinet. Pull out the box of cornstarch that’s been up there for a couple of months (unless you actually use your cornstarch. Then, by all means, find a better recipe.), and see if it has a cup left in it.

It does? You’re in business!

Now…ingredient number two. Somewhere in your house, there should be conditioner. Bonus points if it’s fun, fruity scented conditioner that the kids like; none are subtracted, however, for a lack of scent because let’s face it, you’re desperate! Is there enough in the bottle that you can sacrifice a few tablespoons? Even better.

Now…toss that cup of cornstarch into your stand mixer. Add five tablespoons of conditioner. If you’re feeling brave, add a drop or two or ten of food coloring. Does it have to “match” the scent you happened to have on hand chose? Not even a little. Are your kids going to notice? Probably not. Turn your stand mixer on—start on very, very low. Take a step back, because as it turns out, cornstarch makes a pretty big mess.

Once you have playdough (it won’t take long), hand it to the kids. If your kids are older, you can even hand it to them in its disassembled state and see how many different colors they turn their fingers before they turn it into dough.

You have to have your fun where you can, right?

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