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The early shoppers get the goodies at farmer's markets

© Lisa Lathrop DoubLeL Photography

Get up and out early to the farmer's markets this weekend in order to pick up some of the more precious springtime goodies.  Last week the asparagus was all gone before 9 am.

Get your asparagus, morels, ramps and any other goodies you're looking for early in the morning, then head home for a farmer's market breakfast or brunch on the deck or patio.  It's supposed to be quite a warm weekend and combined with the rain that could mean we won't be seeing morels much longer, so get them while you can.

The growing season is approximately two weeks ahead of normal this year, so it won't be long and we'll be seeing strawberries at market as well.

Be sure to say thank you to the farmers who work so hard to bring us such a wonderful bounty at our many local farmers markets.  Most people have no idea how much work goes into preparing for and getting to market.  By the time most are rising on Saturday morning the farmers have several hours of work in for the day, with a long day remaining ahead.

Enjoy the fresh seasonal vegetables with the knowledge that there's so much more yet to come this growing season!