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The EAA's newest scandal is a misleading enrollment letter

The EAA is starting the school year having to answer more questions.
Courtesy of EAA

A new school year kicked off today for public school students across Michigan. From kindergarten to 12th grade, students and teachers got back into full swing after summer break.

That is also the case for the Education Achievement Authority. One added caveat for the EAA though, is that at the start of the new school year, also came the start of a new scandal.

Over the past several days, many parents of students outside of EAA control received letters titled “Confirmation of 2014-15 School Assignment”. Interim chancellor Veronica Conforme has since apologized, but this is another black mark on a district that has little oversight or control.

The EAA is a much-maligned pet project of Governor Rick Snyder. Originally designed to take over failing schools, it has instead become well-known for cost overruns and its own failing students. This latest letter adds anger and confusion to parents, many of whom are very happy with their current district and have no intention in ever enrolling their children in the EAA.

“It's absolutely inappropriate. It's misleading,” Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, a Detroit resident, told the Detroit Free Press. “Parents might think their child is already enrolled in that school.”

The Michigan Department of Education is now investigating, but there is no telling how much damage and confusion has already been placed on parents. Under Snyder's policies, Michigan has grown to have the highest amount of charter schools in the country, having their own problems. The state system as a whole is also in tatters, ranking 46th in the country according to the American Legislative Exchange Council.

For many students and teachers, today is a very good day. But for EAA, it's another problem for a district famous for making mistakes.

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