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The Dynaimc Duo is on the move

Matt O'Neill & Lovlee Carroll
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No! Not THAT dynamic duo, not those two caped weirdoes with the funny looking car. I mean two amazing young actors that are just now nipping at the heels of huge success and rightfully so. It seems poetic that in a very real way it all started in Xanadu.

In the late summer of 2012 the DOMA theatre company staged the delightful fantasy musical “Xanadu.” In advance of opening night I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the two stars of the show, Matt O’Neill who played Sunny Malone and Lovlee Carroll who played Kira. What I discovered were two extremely interesting and deeply talented people. For this I thank Michael Abramson for making it happen.

Lovlee is literally an exotic beauty born in Bangladesh a place most folks couldn’t find on a map. However she was raised in Florida and Indiana. At the tender age of 10 she won a singing contest similar to but smaller and less known than American Idol. Thus inspired and motivated she joined the Show Choir at Hanover, Indiana High School and the die was cast.

Doing what most aspiring actors do Lovlee moved to Hollywood and eventually auditioned for Xanadu. She was hoping against hope that she would get a role, any role. She was pleasantly shocked when she got called back and auditioned again for the lead role of Kira. She got the role

Matt O’Neill did have one small advanatage over many new actors, his parents while not totally supportive were themselves performing artists and did stay out of his way. Just like Lovlee Matt too is a survivor of the Show Choir experience.

Allow me to digress for just once moment to explain my use of the word “survivor” with respect to show choir. My daughter Kari is now in her fourth year in the Burbank High School national champion Show Choir In Sync. I know all too well how damn hard those Show Choir kids (and their parents) work to create something truly beautiful. In the end it is a great experience, but yeah it is about survival.

Hollywood also drew Matt O’Neill into its vortex and he discovered the DOMA theatre company about one show before Lovlee. In any event he too auditioned for Xanadu and was cast to play Sunny Malone.

It turned out that both Lovlee and Matt matched perfectly on stage and off. Kismet! But that was almost two years ago and this is Hollywood, so what happened to Matt and Lovlee?

By 2013 Matt O’Neill had played the lead role in a short film produced for LA Tourism. The film is entitled “Fall In Love Again” and there is a fair chance you may have seen it. Matt found himself in two film festival winners at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema. He played Jason in a short, “The Blind Date” which received multiple nominations and he was involved in the ADR/Loop Group for the feature “Red Wing” directed by Will Wallace. That film won “Best Picture.”

Later that year the feature film “Primitive” directed by Benjamin Cooper went into worldwide release by way of Lionsgate. Matt was top billed and worked with Reggie Bannister.

Set for release later this year is Benjamin Cooper’s “Edgar Allan Poe: The Lighthouse Keeper.” Matt is again the star of the film. But Matt is by no means resting on his laurels. He is driven to massive success and has multiple projects in various stages of development. Matt O’Neill is doing what every “aspiring” actor needs do but which the vast majority never do and that is he is taking charge in his relentless pursuit of excellence. It doesn’t hurt that he is now teamed with Lovlee Carroll a woman with a similar mindset.

Love Carroll is currently on stage in “The Trip Back Down” at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, California. She was recently cast in a supporting role in the film “Last Supper” opposite Eddie Griffin and Josh Meyers. Interestingly Josh Meyers is Seth Meyers brother.

Lovlee also recently filmed an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Her character is Janis and the episode is scheduled to air in April. Of course there is a chance she won’t be able to see that episode herself because in April she will be in the state of Michigan filming the new feature film “Urban Myths.” Lovlee has the lead role in that one.

These are but a few of the accomplishments of this dynamic duo since I was privileged to first make their acquaintance just shy of two years ago now. Together they exemplify what it takes to be a true success in any chosen career. They have the talent and the drive and the focused commitment to win. So in 2015 or maybe 2016 but some day for sure when you turn on your TV in early March and you will likely see either or both of them being handed a beautiful golden Oscar on stage at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood and you can remember back to this modest article in the Examiner.

For more information about Matt O’Neill and Lovlee Carroll you can check their IMDB pages at:


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