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The dwarf weeping cherry tree is a star attraction at Branch Brook Park

This dwarf weeping cherry tree is blooming at Branch Brook Park.
Lucy Santos

When the cherry blossoms bloom at Branch Brook Park, nature lovers are inspired by their beauty. What a breathtaking site it is to see the 28 species and 4,000 cherry blossom trees at the park. Dwarf weeping willow trees stand out from all the rest of the cherry blossoms, for they resemble a bonsai. These unique trees have all the beauty of large cherry blossoms trees in a smaller size. Instead of having branches that are upright, willow cherry tress have branches that gracefully fall to the ground. The weeping cherry tree is native to Japan and in Japan they are called, “Shidarezakura.” Weeping cherry trees are the most popular cherry blossom trees in Japan. Weeping cherry blossom trees come in two varieties: the large weeping cherry trees can grow up to 40 feet tall; the dwarf weeping cherry tree reaches a height of 15 feet.

If you want to add cherry blossoms to your yard and do not want to plant a large cherry blossom tree, then consider planting the dwarf weeping cherry blossom tree, for it is a beautiful and hardy species that is low maintenance. This small cherry tree will look attractive among other vegetation that you plant. When add a dwarf cherry tree to your residence, you will experience the magic of Branch Brook Park all year long.

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