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The Dutch promote Bitcoin

The Dutch have embraced Bitcoin in 2014 at the city of Hague in March with an event that set aside its two canal-side street with all of the business owners accepting bitcoin in payment. This Thursday Arnhem will have a one –day event where food, drink and items will be purchased with bitcoins, announced on Coin Desk.

Las Vegas Casino Installs Bitcoin ATM
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To advance the use of bitcoin for purchase there will be a bitcoin ATM installed especially for this day so all like-mined bitcoin enthusiasts can pay with the cryptocurrency. It is a united effort of the business people following the Hague model in March of engaging a busy city centre of merchants and restaurants accepting bitcoin for payment.

Arnhem, the capital of the Gelderland province in the eastern section of Holland, is about an hour and half from Amsterdam. It is a quaint and lovely area, which has found bitcoin enthusiasts promoting its use.

Rogier Eijkelhof, one of the three organizers tells Coin Desk that the purpose of the event is to dispel the false myths of bitcoin payment and introduce people to how efficient and easy it is to use and accept bitcoin. He points to The Hague Bitcoin Boulevard as a model for their venture into the use of transactions with bitcoin.

A key learning from the Hague event into bitcoin was that merchants found it too difficult to use the QR code and check the transaction on the block chain. Eijkelhof states, “That’s too complicated for most people.”

To avoid those difficulties in the future The Hague organizers eventually sought out the help of Bit My Money's point-of-sale system to make the payment process simpler for the participants. Things have changed in a few short months so now it is seamless. Eijkelhof actually programmed a payment system for the merchants to use in Arnhem to make the introduction efficient. He explains:

“[Merchants] don’t have to actually mess with anything bitcoin-related themselves. The customer pays in bitcoin, they receive their amount in euros and it’s completely hassle free for them. Once they see how easy it is, they say, ‘Sure I have nothing to lose.”

Once merchants become comfortable with bitcoin for payment, Eijkelhof expects bitcoin to continue as a payment system. He notes that business owners are using Thursday as a model test and are anxious to learn how to use it and benefit from it.

Bitcoin is the country with the highest bitcoin nodes per capital. It is committed to bitcoin as a payment use and showed its enthusiastic support by hosting the second Bitcoin Foundation annual conference in Amsterdam at the beginning of May, while The Hague’s Bitcoin Boulevard celebrated its two month anniversary.

The conference in Amsterdam was considered a huge success with more than 1,100 attendees, 140 speakers and panelists discussing the future with Bitcoin. After the conference in Amsterdam closed, the Bitcoinconference 2014 Summer set for September 3-5 at the Amsterdam Science Park received enthusiastic support up for its event.

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