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The Dummies’ guide for travel to Wilmington, DE

The United States certainly is a country where a traveler can always be amazed. There are so many unique and interesting destinations that people can visit that maybe a lifetime won’t be enough to travel them all. One of those places that is not very popular not because it is not stunning but because of little advertising is Wilmington in Delaware. I personally think the place is a real gem in the States and more and more people need to see it and fall in love with it.
Wilmington is the largest city in the state of Delaware and it is really closely situated to the merging point of the Christina and the Delaware rivers. The place is really spectacular and offers the visitors many entertainment options and a huge variety of arts. It would probably take me forever to list everything there is to be seen there but below I would like to mention some of the places that are my favorite and that should not be missed on a travel to Wilmington.
The Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts
If you want a fun and educational day out then you might want to visit the DCCA or in other words the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts. The center first opened its doors in 1970 and since then has been a great place for visiting with its 26 studios for artists and 7 galleries all of which are quite different and unique. All galleries and studios can be explored and visited during the opening times of the Center. Every year the DCCA would host more than 20 various shows for different artists not only from the USA but from all over the world. Even if you know little about art and you are not really an expert this place would be a must-see when you are in Wilmington, DE.

Brandywine Zoo

In many places that you visit you will probably find at least one zoo that should be explored. This is the case with the Brandywine Zoo too as it houses more than 150 reptiles, mammals, amphibians and birds and many more. All animals are well looked after and they are really amazing to look at. If you have kids, this certainly is a place for them. Every so often the Zoo has special entertainment shows and events that would allow children to interact with some of the animals.

The Art Museum of Delaware and the ‘’Festival of goblins’’

If you are a fan of exhibitions and art you should visit the Delaware Art Museum. There you would enjoy various events and some of the most impressive art collections you could imagine. Speaking of events, here is the place to mention one event that is a must-visit – the ‘’Festival of goblins’’. This yearly event is held usually at the end of October because of Halloween. The people that attend should be dressed in costumes and should be in a mood for spooky things that might happen to them. This is great entertainment for children especially as they will have a lot of fun. You will have to pay a small fee to enter but inside you will enjoy free drinks and snacks. My family and I really enjoy this time of the year in Wilmington, Delaware as we are always having so much fun.

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