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The Duke of Cambridge, London's first organic pub

Upon first glance, The Duke of Cambridge doesn't look like much: a pretty blue exterior, large windows, high ceilings– a nice place to pop in for a pint but that's about it.  But upon popping in, one finds a pleasant surprise: delicious food, friendly service, and a homey, comfortable atmosphere.  Oh, yeah, and a whole lot of eco-friendliness to boot.

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London's first organic pub, The Duke can sometimes grate on a cynic's nerves.  On each table is a leaflet explaining the pub's ethical and ecological goals, and the extensive wine list includes notes on certain labels clarifying whether the beverage in question is suitable for vegans.  From a hardened, San Francisco-raised point of view, it's a bit much.

But then the bartender smiles in a totally unpretentious way, and that cycicism starts to crack.  And by the time her pint is half-drunk and her steaming soup is sending yum-tastic fragrances into her nose, this hardened Californian is melting right into the modern hippy way of life.

Seriously, one visit and you'll be hooked.

For More Info: The Duke of Cambridge, 30 St Peter's St, London N1 8JT