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The drum beats slowly against residential solar

Have you seen the most recent ad from Edison Electric Institute? Yikes! Take a moment to view the video above.

This ad is produced by the Edison Electric Institute, a lobbying group for the nation's investor owned utility companies. The ad represents a dangerous and disingenuous philosophy towards distributed generation of renewable energy. It essentially states that non-solar ratepayers have to pay to upkeep the grid and solar owners don't. Even though this argument ignores the tangible financial value of rooftop solar, it's contribution to the safety and stability of the grid, and many simple concepts such as transmission loss, it has still taken root and is spreading like wildfire.

A tip of the hat though to the extremely organized and concerted effort on behalf of the opponents of renewable energy. Their message is bound to resonate well with people who have no interest in or are against the concept of renewable energy.

I actually have faith in the utilities in Florida not jumping on this band wagon this year. But the question is how long they will remain above the fray. Hopefully by working with groups like FARE, a reasonable and productive outcome can be achieved. Net metering must be protected in Florida.

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