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'The Drop' Gandolfini trailer: James Gandolfini's last movie role an epic finale

James Gandolfini in the new “The Droptrailer is looking to be an epic finale for the late great actor’s last movie role. The trailer features “The Sopranos” star Gandolfini alongside Tom Hardy in a hotly awaited crime flick. The Huffington Post reports this Monday, June 23, 2014, that fans may only have gotten a glimpse of “The Drop” so far, but it will no doubt be a fitting final film for the iconic television series lead.

James Gandolfini 'The Drop' trailer for new movie hits the Web
Wikimedia Commons

Some fans are still grieving over the death of James Gandolfini, but a recent release of “The Drop” trailer has Gandolfini fans grinning from ear to ear this week. The new film, which will also be starring Tom Hardy, had its official international premiere following the year anniversary of Gandolfini’s death. “The Sopranos” actor was determined to have died from a heart attack while he was in Rome on vacation.

As his final movie role on screen, “The Drop” is expected to be a major hit in both national and movie box offices abroad; the new trailer, too, certainly doesn’t disappoint. In the crime film, Gandolfini will be returning to his roots in New Jersey; it seems the 51-year-old HBO series lead will be one epic finale fellow fans cannot miss.

As revealed in the trailer, News Max adds that James Gandolfini will be playing as Marv in the new movie role. Marv is a close cousin to Tom Hardy’s onscreen character, and he owns what is often nicknamed a “drop bar.” These “bars” are actually illicit sites where ill-begotten money is then laundered. One of the most iconic lines in the new trailer for “The Drop” is Gandolfini’s epic quote that sounds very much like something the mobster star might say as a Soprano — “I was respected. I was feared.”

James Gandolfini may not be playing a kingpin of the mob in his last movie role, but it seems the legendary actor will still definitely be proving his mettle. Tom Hardy from “The Dark Knight Rises” looks to have some great onscreen interaction with his co-star in this awaited finale.

"Gandolfini's character Marv has some obvious similarities to Tony Soprano: the bar, the accent, the mob connections," wrote Gwynne Watkins in a recent comment via Yahoo! Movies. "But everything about the actor's body language shows that this is a different man. Whereas his 'Sopranos' character radiated power and danger, Marv seems vulnerable and desperate. ('The Drop' director Michael) Roskam believes that this film might have opened up a new chapter in his career."

To hear some celebrity comments, condolences, and sheer reactions to James Gandolfini’s death last year, many are listed here in the adjacent link, as previously reported on the Examiner. What do you think of the new “The Drop” trailer? Are you planning on seeing the upcoming movie when it hits theaters? There is little doubt the flick will be a fitting end for this talented and beloved actor who was taken from us too soon.

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