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The Dream Logic will mystify you with 'My Black Arts'

The album cover for "My Black Arts" by The Dream Logic
The album cover for "My Black Arts" by The Dream Logic
The Dream Logic

Have you ever found yourself so absorbed into the feeling of a compilation of music that you come out of it happy, but vastly unaware of what you just experienced? You can think of it as a gentle hypnosis. The only drawback is that it prevents you from quantifying why you like it. If you have no idea what we're talking about, you will. When you listen to the new album “My Black Arts” by The Dream Logic, you will understand. When the music is truly an art, the struggle is real...even if it is literally your job to write about music.

We re-examined the music (several times) to wrap our heads around the genius of this blend of rock, funk and jazz. We've determined that there's an atmosphere of carefree jamming alongside impeccable skill. This dichotomy reads as both raw and elegant, a diamond in the rough, if you will.

You should listen to the whole album for full effect. You'll notice that they start out strong with the first track, “My Red Heart.” The beginning is quite calming with water effects, but you'll also get an invigorating guitar solo towards the end. “Cisco Kid” might stay with you if you enjoy lyrics such as “drinking whiskey while you drink wine.” We found ourselves singing “Biznasty” in our heads even weeks after our original listen. “It's Murder” is the fourth track and is an excellent example of a jam session. One of our absolute favorite songs is “When I Go.” This is a quintessential jazzy blues track with a spark of rock hope. The best part? The last minute of the song has a different sound and really takes you down the rabbit hole, so to speak. As for “Just Can't Quit It,” you won't want this song to end. You might find yourself singing along with the backup singers when you hear “I Hope It's Real.” The grooviest song is “Trying to be a Buddha.” Lyrics about non-judgement are a part of “Don't Judge,” but it is reminiscent of porn groove. “Drunken Monkey” is the highlighted song and it really is a great title. “Headlights Into the Darkness” is also aptly named. It's a highway song somewhere between the intersection of rockabilly and barbershop quartet. You won't have to settle for less with “The Way That I Want It.” We enjoyed the call and response style of parroting from the back-up singers in “Think I'll Stay.” Finally, the track “My Black Arts” is the name for which the album is titled, too.

Be sure to listen to the album yourself to form your own observations and opinions. “My Black Arts” is available on Amazon.