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The dream has become reality: a profile of Host Echo


                                                Host Echo

Host Echo, a rock band from Niagara Falls, New York that says the idea for their name came to them in a dream of their 28-year-old guitarist Andy Bieniek, also consists of members Nick Spacone, 27, trumpet, guitar and vocals and Matt Cantanese, 21, bass.

Inspired musically by "the wonderfully diverse compositions of Andy and a mutual passion for performing live", the guys of Host Echo say that the people who can relate most to their music are "people with an open mind and wide range of eclectic tastes".

"Our music represents a lot of styles, so there is something in there for everyone", says Host Echo.

Host Echo says their proudest accomplishments musically are "playing for a lot of amazing audiences and following the examples set by the great performers in rock history".

They say their ultimate goal in the music business is to make soundtracks for movies, television shows and video games.

The members of Host Echo say that if they couldn't make music for a living, they'd rather be dead and that if they could play one show at a dream venue, they'd travel back in time forty years and play at Woodstock.

Host Echo has opened for The Spin Doctors at Buffalo's Thursday in the Square and would like to tour with bands such as Portugal the Man, Kings of Leon and The Dears - and have performed in New York City, New Jersey, Chicago, Detroit, Western Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

They also play frequently in Buffalo at The Evening Star, The Bakery in Niagara Falls and Merlins on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo.

Host Echo has released for albums that include: Unmastered EP (2003), Be Water (2005), Live in Shadow (2007) and Song Cycle EP (2008).

For a list of Host Echo's upcoming shows, as well as a more extensive look into the bands history, please visit the links below.