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The Dream Cruise Takes over SE Oakland County

Classic Cars
Classic Cars
Janice Trimm

The Dream Cruise
Takes over SE Oakland County

Well this is it. This is the weekend that all the car buffs have been waiting for. Dream Cruise weekend. The cars started rolling into town as early as Monday the 16th. Yesterday many people were lined along Woodward Ave with lawn chairs, tents, RV’s, Classic Cars, Trucks, you name it.
Each city along the route made plans for special activities. Berkley hosted the Cruise Fest car parade on Friday night. Ferndale will host Mustang lovers in the Mustang Alley. Royal Oak is hosting a Dodge Party at the Northwood shopping center at Woodward and 13 mile road. Pontiac is paying respect to its namesake which is now discontinued by General Motors. Local Businesses look forward to the extra revenue the cruise brings. Perhaps the best thing about the cruise is the price: FREE
Many of the out of state participant spoke of nostalgic times on Woodward Avenue during their youth.
The Dream Cruise was founded by Nelson House a Ferndale resident who just passed away on August 12th. In 1994, House created the event as a fund raiser for a children’s soccer field. He was thinking of nostalgic times during the 50’s and 60’s when cruising Woodward was the thing to do.
The event formally launched the summer of 1995 and House was stunned to have 250,000 participants. He expected a lot less. Since that first year, the dream cruise has continued to grow. Currently the Dream cruise is the world’s largest one day auto event. Every August, Classic car lovers from all around visit the Metro Detroit area to enjoy the Dream Cruise.
This year’s celebration is dedicated to Nelson House by the City of Ferndale.


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