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The drama unfolds on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' in Mexico

A few of the cast members of the Real Housewives of Atlanta at an industry event.
A few of the cast members of the Real Housewives of Atlanta at an industry event.
Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images

The cast from The Real Housewives of Atlanta met up in Mexico on Season 6 Episode 17, which aired on Sunday, March 9 and they brought a dab of drama and a lot of shade with them. This time, however, it was Peter Thomas who set the wheels in motion for a lot of he said/she said bickering.

After NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey went bikini shopping and NeNe made it clear that she was not speaking to Marlo Hampton, Kenya Moore and Marlo met up at Marlo's place. Marlo told Kenya that she was rejected as a friend, because NeNe didn't like that she was hanging out with Kenya. NeNe walked away from Marlo like she couldn't be bothered with Marlo. Together, Kenya and Marlo figured out that NeNe was angry, because she was no longer on the TV show, The New Normal. Kenya decided to continue killing NeNe with kindness.

Phaedra and her husband Apollo also discussed the Bailey Bowl, and Phaedra got around to telling Apollo that she did not really want him to go to the trip to Mexico, but that wasn't exactly shocking news. Phaedra did not want Apollo around Kenya, especially after the last big group vacation to Antigua.

Kenya was in the middle of planning the RHOA vacation to Mexico when Peter decided to meet with Kordell Stewart, Porsha Williams' ex husband. The couple were still married but were in the process of getting divorced during the taping. Kordell shed some light on his side of the story. He explained that Porsha's family disrespected his home, specifically the master bedroom by munching on a large pepperoni pizza while sitting on cream-colored chairs. Kordell felt that Porsha's family was too intrusive, which struck a chord with Peter who complained that his sister-in-law drops over (and stays) when she feels like it. Kordell also told Peter that Porsha asked Kordell to file for divorce on a consistent basis for three months, so he says that the divorce didn't come as a surprise via a tweet as Porsha claimed.

At the El Dorado Royale, Kenya settled in her suite and arranged for photos to be placed in all of the girls' rooms. Kenya and Lawrence Washington (Miss Lawrence) prepared to welcome the group when they arrived. Eventually, the crew made it to Mexico. Phaedra came a little later, because she said that she couldn't find her passport. Peter just had to bring up his conversation with Kordell in the limo on the way to the resort. Anyway, Porsha made it clear that she planned on signing the divorce documents and moving on with her life.

The group had a welcome dinner their first night, and Greg Leakes actually brought up Porsha's divorce right at the table. He asked her if she had outrun a blessing by divorcing. Porsha made a couple of interesting points. First, she hinted that there were discussions related to money (the lack of) and her desire to work, and she said that Kordell's celebrity was tainted. She agreed to help him erase that image. Peter said that it sounded as though that Porsha was involved in some sort of a PR campaign when the couple married. Kandi Burruss stepped in and said that she felt that Porsha was genuinely shocked about the divorce. While Kenya, picked that moment to talk about the fun they were going to have on the trip. Next week, viewers can stay tuned for additional gossip and bickering. Oh, and there's a moment with a large reptile, too.

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