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The drama took a turn for the ghetto Tuesday night in Hell's Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay
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The drama from Monday night’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen continued to play out during dinner service Tuesday night. The rift between Robyn and Kimmie grew and impacted the entire entrée service. Tiffany continued to be irritated with Barbie as she continued to step up and save the day after every failure Tiffany delivered to the pass. Patrick and Royce got caught up in their heads and couldn’t seem to get the meat temperatures right. Gordon Ramsay started with 11 chefs in the kitchen and ended service with three: Brian, Justin, and Clemenza.

Appetizers: Clemenza enjoyed cooking the pizza appetizers. Brian on the other hand, couldn’t get serious and wound up getting a clear message from Ramsay to get serious.
Tiffany couldn’t get the pizzas right so Barbie stepped in and made them. She couldn’t get the next appetizer right so again Barbie stepped up and saved the day.

Entrees: Patrick was kicked out because he couldn’t get his head in the game. He asked to come back and took on a new focus. But he lost it under the pressure by serving raw meat to Ramsay and was kicked out of the kitchen once more. Royce’s over confidence in meat preparation got the best of him as he too, served raw meat to Ramsay. He was ejected from the kitchen on the first failed attempt.

Robyn couldn’t seem to get it together on the fish station, twice being yelled at by Ramsay and causing friction between her and Christina over a lack of communication. Ramsay called the two out and pulled them aside to voice their concerns over timing. Tiffany continued their feuding which through Ramsay over the edge, he sent the blue team over to help the red team pull it together. Finally the guys told the girls to watch their language because of the kids in the dining room. When they served another failed entrée Ramsay sent the girls out of the kitchen. Kimmie and Robyn continued to tear each other apart in the dorms while the rest of the team sat and watched with unbelieving expressions as the drama played out. In their own words it was absolute "ghetto" in the Hell's Kitchen's dorms. Justin, Brian and Clemenza managed to finish dinner service for both sides of the dining room.

Of course, no team won dinner service because it truly does take a village to make it work. The obvious choices were Patrick and Royce for the men and Robyn and Tiffany for the women. The fighting continued between Robyn and Kimmie as the girls made their nominations in the dorms.

The obvious choices were nominated Royce and Patrick on the blue team. Tiffany and Robyn on the red team. Kimmie made sure to get one last dig in when nominating Robyn by calling her a liar. This caused Robyn to pick another fight with Kimmie in front of Ramsay. Ramsay asked Tiffany if she cares and Barbie stood behind Tiffany shaking her head. It was such an obvious shake that Ramsay asked her opinion which only caused Tiffany to turn around and confront Barbie ultimately naming Barbie as the weakest cook in the kitchen. Tiffany and Royce were sent back in line and Patrick was sent home and Robyn was sent to the blue team.

What do you think about the attitudes that were shown on the show Tuesday night? Do you think Robyn will have the same problems with the blue team? What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment below. Please subscribe to this column by clicking the button above and entering your email. It is simple and free and will get you email alerts when new television news stories are published. We have made it convenient to share stories with your social media friends. Please click the links above. As always, thank you for reading, and have a great day~


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