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The Downside of Love: Can Cause Fear and Anxiety

Love is one of the greatest feelings in the world. You can't stop smiling and you feel a sudden happiness that you never felt before. However there are times when love is not the best thing in the world.

Oxycontin is a hormone that people feel and experience when they are in love. It has to do with social bondage and being with that special person. It can make them like the person they liked before even more. The brain releases the chemical and wonderful feelings occur.

On the negative side Oxycontin is also a negative feeling. It can make someone experience fear and anxiety. When released in a negative way it could bring back past memories of when someone was hurt before.

Racing thoughts could pop into someone's head like "Is he cheating on me?" "Is this relationship over?" That person gets so stressed out and fears that a break up is coming. It also brings back memories of when they were cheated on in the past and they compare this relationship to the last.

Studies have shown in the past that people who do not have Oxycontin are more relaxed. They don't go back to negative memories of the past and they are come that everything is going to work out as to people who have Oxycontin are seriously stressed.

There are some relationships that do not last forever. What is meant to be will be. So as hard as it is just enjoy the moment and the relationship that you are in. If this relationship does not work out don't take it to heart. It just means that an even better relationship is in the future. Oxycontin has positive and negative effects. It can make someone really happy or it could make them anxious and scared of what's to come.

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