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The Downfall of Kwami Kilpatrick



The Downfall of Kwami Kilpatrick
Recently, Detroiters have truly been disgusted by the behavior and demeanor of their former mayor, Kwami Kilpatrick. Here was a charismatic, bright man who showed so much promise at the beginning of his term. Shortly after his election, it became painfully obvious to most of us that Kwami was far too immature and self centered to be in charge of such a large city with so many problems. The scary part was that his behavior was “thuggish”.
Last week, we all watched as though watching a slow train wreck, as Kwami was sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison.  It was a natural conclusion caused by years of cocky and dishonest behavior on his part.
Kwami Kilpatrick lied over and over again until he got caught red handed during the texting scandal.  He caused one scandal after another and tried to lie his way out of them. He hardly exhibited the type of behavior we would want our children to emulate.
 How shameful. Kwami insulted the court by telling tales like he did not know if his wife had any income or a job. He also claimed to use a large amount of money correcting Carlita’s childbirth scars.  This was to prove what a penitent husband he is after cheating on her with multiple women.  How ridiculous.  
He stood before the citizens of Detroit pretending to be penitent and making promises; then turned around and disrespected them by living high on the hog in Dallas while claiming he could only afford a 6.00 per month payment on a million dollar debt he owes to the citizens of Detroit.   He was given a six figure job and a new lease on life. The court only asked that he abide by the terms of his probation. He did not.  And he even had the audacity to play the race card and the religion card!
Once I encountered his honor a Lola’s where I was celebrating my birthday. He came over to our table and spoke and asked what we were celebrating. After we told him, he said:  “ I wish I could celebrate something but the reporters dog my every step.” This was at the height of the texting schedule. What did he expect? Most politicians realize that notoriety often comes with public office.
Meanwhile all sorts of rumors continue to swirl about the assaulted exotic dancer who ended up dead and the federal probe of corruption in Detroit politics.
It is possible Kwami may never make it out if all if all of his misdeeds come to light.
The African American community of Detroit mourns the demise of a once promising young man.


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