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The Down The Street Bead Show in Mt. Pleasant/Charleston SC was a great show

Chuck & Mari Juliana's The Trinket Store - great Nepal things!
Chuck & Mari Juliana's The Trinket Store - great Nepal things!
Clyde H. Shokes Jr.

The Down The Street Bead Show of July 5-6, 2014 had some of the best things ever in the history of bead/gem/jewelry shows ever held here in the Lowcountry, especially for antique shoppers looking for truly old authentic jewelry parts and pieces that are so hard to find. It was held at the Omar Shrine Temple in Mt. Pleasant, SC, just over the bridge from downtown Charleston.

The Down The Street Bead Show of July, 2014, Charleston SC
Clyde H. Shokes Jr.

Rick Baldwin of Collective Collage in Ormond Beach, Fl is the person behind it all. His show is the oldest, the original, bead show to be held in Charleston. It is at least ten years old. His exhibit in the show was full of all kinds of original, antique, very old, unusual things, including some Venetian trade beads. He sells all kinds of old jewelry parts as well as complete necklaces.

Many dealers of beads just sell stones, rough cut gems, polished stones, etc… that are new to the market and not antique. Other bead dealers sell things they have acquired over the years from other jewelry dealers and estate sales and such. Occasionally people will take loose beads, necklaces, rings, pendants, etc. to dealers and sell them in bulk just to get rid of them. Things like this were at the show.

One of the best exhibits in the show was Carnes & Susan Barnes space of Jewelry Gems & Stones, LLC. They had a large collection of beautiful old Native American silver jewelry and other old pieces. He had strings of beads for sale and a really great coral necklace. Their Etsy shop can be found by going to and searching “Jewelrygemsandstones”, there are no spaces in that name, or it will not come up. He works the stones and makes some of the jewelry himself.

Chuck and Mari Juliana of The Trinket Store in Sebastian, FL had some very nice things, including a collection of old Nepal necklaces were absolutely spectacular. It is things like this that make jewelry shows so much fun. They were very reasonably priced.

Winnie Lam of Imperial Gems from Norcross, GA had an exhibit at the very front and sold strands of red coral, lapis, pearls and lots of other things that could be used to complete antique necklaces.

The website for the show is: Their next show should be in November, 2014. Rick Baldwin’s company is Collective Collage also has a website: