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The Dopes at 670 The Score Talk USMNT Exit

It was one of those rare occasions where all the commercials aligned on my favorite radio stations, so much so, that I made it down the list to 670 The Score, a sports talk station here in Chicago.

Rise of the new American Sports Fan
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Wow, did I hear some classic Soccer bashing as I've pointed out in my previous article, How America Fell Behind. It was a little different this time though, it was a bit more passive aggressive.

I think Boers and Bernstein knew they couldn't be as aggressive considering 35,000 Chicagoans had gathered at Soldier Field to watch the match on TV.

So around 2:00 p.m. today, I heard a few laughable moments.

#1 - A caller made the ridiculous statement that he and his friends could travel across the country and probably beat most MLS sides in a pickup game, to which Boers and Bernstein laughed and didn't discredit. Once again, the American male has this notion that Soccer is a sissy sport and therefore, isn't difficult.

To that caller that made that statement; I doubt you and your out of shape friends could beat most high school teams on the North Side or NW Indiana, much like you couldn't take on a high school team in pretty much any other sport.

I'm pretty sure the High Schools girls would destroy you as well.

How stupid is that claim; that you and some beer buddies could beat a professional team?!

#2 - Boers and Bernstein laughed off a caller that made the claim, that many Soccer pundits have stated, that the US Team is one of the fittest teams in the world. Boers asked for quantifiable evidence of this and unfortunately the caller couldn't produce.

I'll give you two pieces of evidence; the beep test and the VO2 Max Testing. I guarantee you that the values attached to these athletes is greater than or equal most teams in the World Cup and certainly more so than most American Pro Athletes.

Much like the 1980 Olympic Hockey team, the coach knew they didn't have the most skill, so they would have the most fitness. Americans are athletic culturally and that fact, coupled with the fact that we play our soccer in the summer heat, our boys in the red, white and blue do rival and/or eclipse most nations.

#3 - And finally the passive racism and prejudice that goes into Soccer bashing. When a Scottish caller called in, without the greatest information (He said the US will never win), Boers and Bernstein went on to say that's how Soccer experts should sound. What a joke. Boers, Bernstein and the rest of these out of touch old men want soccer experts/reporters to be minorities, NOT American, so that they can discredit them on the basis of being a foreigner.

Face it 670 The Score; you got a taste of what the American Sports landscape will look like in the future. Boers and Bernstein your days are numbered.

It was amazing to hear Soccer being talked about in a major market, but these two were trying to bash it without coming off as the ignorant clowns they are. Much like the typical, Old American sports fans, sports talk radio listeners are also disappearing. Stop being haters Boers and Bernstein and go back to talking about the other Football that is only played 4 months out of the year.

Enjoy the NFL while it lasts; my prediction is the lawyers of this nation will destroy American Football and all that will be left is Association Football, aka. Soccer.

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