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The Dope-man has a Bridge card

Actually, they usually have several!

Buy food, not drugs, with your Bridge Cards!

Most everyone knows that on the black market, 'food stamps' go for .50 on the dollar. It's common knowledge! It's doubtful the dope man gives that ratio! He has what you want, and he doesn't care if you, or your kids, eat! ...and he'll be eating crab, or steak, or whatever he pleases!

It would seem that proper enforcement of showing ID would curb this behavior. Yet, I have never been asked for identification, ever, anywhere; other than at The Flint Farmer's Market while using the Project Fresh card.

Maybe someday, records will be pulled, and evaluations made of spending habits. It's probably already happening. It shouldn't be difficult to find anomalies and discrepancies in food purchases. Meanwhile, kids are eating substandard meals, if any at all!

Another type of purchase consisted of $200.00 in Mozzarella Cheese, immediately flipped at a local restaurant for half the cost! No kids starved here, it was a middle age female selling her food credits; and this time, it wasn't a drug dealer benefiting!

It's only a matter of time, considering the establishment evens cares! Maybe it's just good consumerism and free will. Money in the system. But it's fraud, and waste, and kids aren't being fed! To Hell with the Dope Man and the hold he has on the addicts. Sooner or later this will blow up, and the fiends and dealers will be screaming the loudest.

Ask your local retailers to ask for ID when accepting Bridge Cards, and help make a Drug Dealer buy his food with CASH!

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