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The Doors John Densmore in Paris for Disquaire Day

Needless to say The Examiner wasn’t going to give me money to go to Paris to cover John Densmore’s Disquaire Day appearances yesterday. So I have to do a bit of remote reporting, but that isn’t too bad as I was able to secure a rare picture from a blogger at one of John’s appearances and have been able to piece together what it was like seeing John Densmore meeting fans and signing books for Disquaire Day, April 19, 2014.

A fan gets her copy of "The Doors Unhinged" signed by John Densmore.
Photo courtesy and copyright by Michelle Campbell
John Densmore and Jim McCarty both from legendary 60's rock bands meet.
Photo courtesy Patrice Guino/ROCKERPARIS

As mentioned in previous articles, Densmore’s reason for being in Paris was for the French release of his book “The Doors Unhinged: Jim Morrison’s Legacy on Trial.” Last year when the English version was released Densmore also held signings in conjunction with Record Store Day. It looks like he kept to that marketing plan in Paris.

Densmore made three appearances at Gibert Joseph bookstores in Lyon and Paris. The lines were long to get into see Densmore, but it seems like there was enough time between signings that Densmore was able to accommodate all The Doors fans waiting to see him. Some of those waiting and able to see Densmore are known to Doors Examiner readers, including Susan Bourdin who runs the Jim Morrison’s Paris blog, Michelle Campbell who has published a book of photographs of Jim Morrison’s grave and Pere LaChaise cemetery, Gilles Yepremian who met Jim Morrison at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus in 1971, artist Stephen Beauvais, and Nick and Carolina Cleijne.

In the evening, Densmore was at the St.-Michel Gibert Joseph store and downstairs of the store former Yardbirds drummer Jim McCarty played a five song set to promote his new solo record. During a break, Densmore and McCarty, two drummers from legendary 60’s bands met for the first time and ROCKERPARIS Guino Patrice was there to take a picture of the meeting (see picture to left of this article)! If you would like to see more of Patrice’s pictures of the event please visit his blog ROCKERPARIS.

For pictures Michelle Campbell took at Densmore’s Barbes appearance please see the slideshow above. You can also see more of Michelle’s pictures and articles at Jim Morrison’s Paris.

Many thanks to Susan Bourdin (Jim Morrison‘s Paris), Michelle Campbell, and Patrice Guino for their help with this article.

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