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The Doors Feast of Friends has U.K. release date

The Doors 'Feast of Friends' documentary has a U.K. release for November.
The Doors 'Feast of Friends' documentary has a U.K. release for November.
Eagle Rock Entertainment

UK Doors fans are getting an early release of The Doors new DVD-Blu-Ray “Feast of Friends” November 10th.

Doors fans have eagerly awaited the release of The Doors documentary. Filmed and shot on a spring and summer tour of 1968 it shows The Doors in concert as well as behind the scenes footage. As noted in Eagle Rock Entertainment’s press release of the DVD, “Feast of Friends” has never been officially released except for a few film festivals in the late 60’s. The Doors may have never considered the film finished because they never played it at concerts such as they did with the “Unknown Soldier” film they made.

Although “Feast of Friends” has never been officially released fans will recognize a lot of scenes because they were used as source material for videos in the 80’s. “Feast of Friends” also has been bootlegged so a lot of fans may have seen second or third generation (or more) copies of it, but the film has been restored from the original negative, colour corrected, and the soundtrack has been remixed and re-mastered by Bruce Botnick. This Christmas season release is a chance for fans to see the 40 minute film as a whole and decide for themselves if it is considered finished.

The DVD also includes bonus features of “Feast of Friends: Encore” a newly produced documentary “which provides a deeper look into the life of the band at this period as they tour, record, travel and even vacation together.” The British documentary “The Doors Are Open” will also be included on the bonus features and “The End” filmed for the Canadian TV show “The Rock Scene - Like It Is” in 1967. These last two may explain the early U.K. release. While “The Doors Are Open” and “The End” filmed for “Rock Scene” have been released before Eagle Rock says the image quality has been restored and the sound “transformed” again by Bruce Botnick. The “Rock Scene” will also feature later interviews with Ray Manzarek, John Densmore, Robby Krieger, and Danny Sugerman.

“Feast of Friends” is available for pre-order at Amazon UK for 16.96 pounds and SpinCD’s for 12.00 pounds. No word yet as to when “Feast of Friends” will be opened to wider release (I sent an email to Eagle Rock asking for any details about a U.S. or wider release. So far there has been no reply). With the release of “Feast of Friends” can Doors fans now look forward to a release of “HWY”?

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