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The Doors Examiner the first 1000

Last week we crossed a big threshold! I wrote and published the 1000th Doors Examiner article! When I first started writing The Doors Examiner I had the expectation it would probably last a couple of months, but here we are almost five years later and just over 1000 articles (this is 1006th article)!

The Doors Examiner recently published its 1000th article
Courtesy Helen Clare

In those 1000 articles I’ve written about every aspect of The Doors you can think of. I’ve interviewed Jac Holzman founder of Elektra Records, I’ve kept readers apprised of new developments, CD’s, DVD’s, book signings, concert appearances, Doors history and pre-history, reviews, films, you name it we’ve covered it! So, I encourage to, when you have the time to peruse the 1000 articles I think you’ll find something of interest and hopefully something new!

The future maybe a little uncertain but I know of some cool things coming down the pike the first is that I’m going to expand the articles on “L.A. Woman” that I kind of inadvertently started with “L’America: Autobiography of a Rock Band” and “L.A. Woman: Jim Morrison Closing the Circle” articles one and two. I’m hopeful for the continuing adventure of “The Last Beat” director Robert Saitzyk’s take on the last days of Jim Morrison in Paris. And I’ve heard rumblings of a play based on Jim Morrison may be in the works but more on that as it becomes more of a reality.

I’d like to thank all The Doors Examiner subscribers and readers, thank you all for your support! The Doors Examiner wouldn’t be what it is today without you! Thank you! If I could ask a little favor of you. If you received notice of this article via Twitter or Facebook could you take a minute (literally a minute!) and subscribe to The Doors Examiner at the Examiner site? The subscribe button is just under the masthead and all it will ask is for your email address and to confirm through an email. Once you’re subscribed you will get The Doors Examiner articles as they’re published and you will also show The Examiner your support for The Doors Examiner. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the next thousand articles!

Jim Cherry

Writing under the influence of Rock 'n' Roll!

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