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The Doors 'Deliver Us From Evil'

Doors songs have been used in movies and television, even heavily used on the soundtracks. The genres have stretched from “The Simpson’s” frequent use of Doors songs and references, “Glee” used “Hello, I Love You” in an episode and even the police detective show “Cold Case” featured an entire episode featuring Doors songs. Movies have run the gamut from Oliver Stone’s bio-pic “The Doors” of course relied heavily on Doors songs and the use of Jim Morrison’s poetry, “Forrest Gump” famously featured a bunch of Doors songs, even horror movies have used Doors songs to great effect, namely “The Lost Boys” used an Echo and the Bunnymen cover of “People Are Strange”. With this past Friday’s release of “Deliver Us From Evil” Hollywood has given us another horror movie using Doors songs as part of the plot.

“Deliver Us From Evil” follows police officer Ralph Sarchie who discovers crime in the Bronx may be of a more demonic origin. What may be of interest to Doors fans (if you’re also a fan of horror) is a sub-plot runs through the movie that involves The Doors’ music culminating in one of possessed reciting “The Celebration of The Lizard”. Although reviews of the film says the movie uses Doors songs heavily I couldn’t find a trailer that uses a doors song or any demons quoting Jim Morrison but I’ve included a trailer above for those of you with a morbid curiosity.

Thanks to Alex Carl for the tip on this.

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