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The Doors celebrate 47th anniversary of Light My Fire hitting #1

July 29, 1967 The DoorsLight My Fire” hits number one on Billboard Magazine’s hot 100 and take The Doors from a Los Angeles band with an underground following, west coast buzz and a lot of potential, to a nationally known band, instant celebrity and still potential, to take the music as far as they wanted to go. To celebrate the 47th anniversary of “Light My Fire” going to number one The Doors are offering, in a limited edition, a vinyl 45 of the “Light My Fire” single for only $5!

On the A side is the single version of “Light My Fire” which comes in at 2:52, while the B side offers the album cut version of the song, as The Doors intended it to be is an astounding 6:52. The Doors only had trepidations of editing their song but once they heard the Paul Rothchild cut they approved the single and it sent their career into orbit. This is a limited edition so get yours today only at The Doors website. It’s only $5 and lasts only as long as supplies last!

If you would like to read about “Light My Fire's” journey from the album version to the single read The Doors Examiner article “Light My Fire the single” or how The Doors appearance on American Bandstand on July 22 might have influenced or help push “Light My Fire” to number one in “The Doors Appearance on American Bandstand

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