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The don’ts of a haunting

The first thing we think of when we believe our home to be haunted is “Whoohoo!! I have to get my camera!” Okay, maybe not all of us think that. Only those who enjoy conducting paranormal investigations may say that. Those who are not excited to discover their home to be haunted may want to immediately take action and rid their home of any ghosts and spirits who have moved in.

Dealing with ghosts is not always as easy as paranormal investigators make it look like on television. Though many ghosts are harmless, there are some spirits and entities that can be harmful when provoked. The best thing to do when you believe your home to be haunted is to seek professional help from a local paranormal investigation team. They have the equipment and knowledge to help you better understand what is happening.

Until professional help can arrive, here is a list of things not to do when you believe your home to be haunted:

  • Do not open your wallet - reputable investigators will never charge you to investigate your home.
  • Do not be afraid - ghosts sense fear and some become more active when they know the homeowner is afraid.
  • Do not use a Ouija board or anything similar in an attempt to make contact - just don’t!
  • Do not assume the answers are in your home’s history - there is no real explanation as to why some locations are haunted and in many cases, the history of the home has nothing to do with the haunting.
  • Do not assume there are experts in this field with all of the answers - we do not have all the answers. That is why we keep conducting investigations and are continually researching the field.
  • Do not assume that every orb or mist in a photographs is proof there is a ghost in your home - there are many explanations for these occurrences, including dust, rain and smoke.
  • Do not assume everything is paranormal - there are many explanations for a lot of things most claim to be paranormal.
  • Do not assume you live on an old cemetery or ancient native burial grounds - many times these locations are not haunted, mostly because it is a resting point, rather than a location where something tragic has happened.
  • Do not assume paranormal investigators have ghost detecting toys - we are not all like the movies. In fact, many of us use simple cameras and take lots of notes, rather than carry the latest gadgets with us.
  • Do not believe rumors - these will only increase your fear and turn something explainable into something paranormal.

Best of luck and hopefully you get the answers you are seeking when dealing with ghosts in your home.

Happy Haunting!!

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