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The ‘Don’t Even Think About It” Mindset

Straight from my book “Don’t Bring It to Work:”

"On May 6, 1954, approximately three hundred spectators gathered at Iffley Road Track in Oxford England, where winds up to twenty-five miles per hour began to subside just before the start of the event.

The race was historic, and the BBC commentator, Harold Abrahams of “Chariots of Fire” fame, took his time announcing that Roger Bannister had just cracked the myth of the four-minute mile, winning the race in 3:59.4.

What was once deemed impossible has now become commonplace.

Of course, most of us would place running a mile with that speed squarely in the realm of personally impossible (I will raise my hand to that one!) Yet, think about you and your office mates. Every organization has its own version of “don’t even think about it” barriers, and like the world’s most celebrated athletes, we get nowhere if we allow ourselves to be daunted by them. Not everyone has it in him or her to set the new world’s record for company transformation. However, by working together and becoming aware of the behavior patterns that derail success long term and positive change can occur.

Remember, one change can push the boundaries for more and more change. And just like the four-minute mile, new ways of communicating, relating, and behaving at work can quickly go from impossible to improbable to commonplace.

So, become a legend like Roger Bannister and start to make a difference in any way you can. You will be rewarded and appreciated even if you never break into a sweat.

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