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The docu/drama/mixed bag that is "District 9"


District 9 movie poster

Rating 3 out of 5.

This film is based off the short film by the same director Neill Blomkamp.  Yes, that is the correct, the director for this film is not Peter Jackson.  Peter Jackson's name is all over this film, but he is not the director but the producer.

District 9 jumps around a lot in explaining the story.  The basics is that about 20 years ago an alien mother-ship came to Earth and stayed.  After sometime authorities decided to cut into the ship.  Once in the ship they found a bunch of dying aliens.  We provided food and medical attention to the aliens, but also kept them in a secured area known as District 9.  Presently the alien population is over one million and they need to be moved to a new larger area, this is the point in time where majority of the film takes place.

District 9 pushes experimental film-making to another level.  While the gritty/documentary look is what seems to be the latest thrill when you want to take any alien film seriously, District 9 employs the use of jump cutting, which is good and bad at the same time.  While the story unfolds we are getting to know the characters and the world this film is showing us.  However the jump cuts take us from one point in time, to another and then yet another.  After awhile it is easy to figure out where we are in the time line, it might frustrate your average film viewer.  The jump cuts also take away from the pacing of the film.  There were a few times that I was enjoying the film, the scene was having some great momentum, then a sudden jump cut occurs and it brings things to an abrupt stand-still.

District 9 was enjoyable, but I felt that there was a big lull close to the middle of the film.  I also feel that while there was a lot of anticipation for this film, people will be disappointed toward a film that held so much promise and potential.

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