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The Do Si Do Date:

We had a fabulous date night square dancing yesterday. It was $15 at the Jalopy Theater in Red Hook, performed by Dave Harvey, calling with The Remedies.

We could only stay an hour (due to having to relieve my dad as babysitter) but we laughed so much and were surprised by how intricate the square dances were. It's also a great way to meet people and get out of your head.
The music was great (and yes there was even a spontaneous 'Hee-Haw!" by some Brooklynites) but everyone was a great sport when it came to learning something new.

I could see why square dancing would be community-building in some parts of the country because in most dances you can keep your partner but you also dance as a group and switch to your opposite or corner partner, so you end up knowing your neighbors etcetera. and interacting as a larger group.

I think this would be a good date because it would be unique, casual, fun and something to talk about later. Plus, it's also someplace you could take your date with your friends.

And it was $15 from 9-midnight so that's a good price point for an evening out. This event was sold out with 60 people so we are lucky we squeezed in last minute without buying advanced tickets. My suggestion would be to get tickets online, ahead, just in case.

I put the contact info below. And if you aren't in the new York area, google 'square dancing' to see if there's a comparable date night spot in your area.


Contact Info:

Dave Harvey, calling with The Remedies

Jalopy Theater
315 Columbia St.
Red Hook, Brooklyn
(this was the venue it was held at this time but it changes)

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