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It's never too early to show off your managerial skills

Collaboration and Management go hand and hand
Collaboration and Management go hand and hand
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Got your eye on that management job posting? Have bigger plans for yourself than entry-level or front line worker? Whatever your reason for wanting a management position it is never too early to begin marketing yourself for the job. It is of the utmost importance that your boss and other management personnel can see you taking a lead role within the organization.


  • Berate or patronize coworkers. When you become management the support of your coworkers will be very important.
  • Gossip or complain about coworkers or management. A manager needs to have the respect and trust of the people they work with, gossip and complaining only causes bad feelings.
  • Dress down unless it is pajamas day. Visualization is important for any endeavor, however if you want management to see you in a management role then best to dress for the occasion.
  • Break company rules or protocol. Although it may be tempting to take that extra 15 minutes at lunch it only shows that you do not take company policy seriously. Therefore, take every rule and regulation seriously, it shows you are aware of the policies and that they are important to you.


  • Participate in pajamas day, or dress up day. Being enthusiastic about company morale building days shows your willingness to go the extra mile for the organization.
  • Display leadership qualities on a regular basis, take initiative whenever possible and always be an example for other workers.
  • Let your employer know, immediately upon hiring or in the interview, that you are interested in management, it is likely they will train you in all areas of the organization. If this doesn't seem to be happening then make sure you ask to be trained in all areas. When you have mastered one department then move on to the next.
  • Stay late or come in early when needed. You want to the be the person they can count on in any situation. It is also important to volunteer for activities when needed as well.

Becoming management material doesn't happen over night, therefore taking all the necessary steps to ensure your spot in management means showing your bosses that you have what it takes. Good luck and have a great day!

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