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The Do’s and Don’ts for a Single Gal on Valentine’s Day

Do's and Don'ts to Survive V-Day
Do's and Don'ts to Survive V-Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that makes every single gal feel sorry for herself. It’s important to avoid the self loathing trap that we all wrestle with at one point or another. Below is a survival guide comprised of the do’s and don’ts. Follow these proven tips from a professional single gal to navigate through the infamous V-Day.

Don’t send yourself flowers to the office from a secret admirer or your imaginary boyfriend. I know that it is tempting when you see your coworkers receiving bouquets from their significant others, but don’t do it. You’ll be bombarded with too many questions that you’ll have to lie about and you wasted money and time for what?

Do pick up a box of chocolates better yet, stop at Kilwins on the way home from work. Just the smell alone will entice you to indulge. Didn’t someone say that chocolate was a substitute for sex?

Don’t, I repeat DO NOT go out to dinner. Unless you’re looking to torture yourself with the sight of happy couples all around and an overpriced menu, it’s best to pass on this Friday night out.

Do rent a movie and order takeout. Remember, no romantic comedies. Maybe a thriller or a horror film would be best. In the mood for a pizza to go along with your movie try the Seafood Pizza at Frank’s Ristorante, just north of Lauderdale by the Sea. The unique combination of mussels, clams and shrimp with mozzarella, garlic and olive oil will transport you to foodie heaven.

Don’t get sentimental, nostalgic and/or desperate and call an ex for a hook up. It's important that you reread this tip after you drink the suggested bottle of wine. Drunk dialing is never pretty. You’ll just feel pathetic in the morning.

Do surf the free dating websites for entertainment value and perhaps some time killing conversation. The pictures and profiles are enough to make you literally laugh out loud.

Don’t go on Facebook. You will just see all of your friends posts who are in a relationship (almost all of your friends) gushing about what their boo gave them or where they are going, or even worse how lucky they are to have such a wonderful person in their lives.

When all else fails, get a bottle of wine (a big one). Between the take out, chocolate and alcohol you’ll pass out in no time and this night will be a distant memory. When you wake up the next morning refreshed you won’t even remember what day it was. Valentine’s Day? Oh, I thought it was just another Friday night.

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