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The Dix Family goes green

The Dix Family of Salina, KS shares their "green" commitment with their children
The Dix Family of Salina, KS shares their "green" commitment with their children
Photo by Amy Schmidt/Divine Photography, Junction City, KS

My sister Rachel generously volunteered to be my first Kansas City Green Parent.  E-mail me if you would like to share your green commitment with other Kansas City readers by being featured as a green parent.

Who is in your household? 
Rachel Dix, 36, 5th grade teacher
Jerry Dix, 45, disabled
Quincy Dix, 6, kindergarten
Olivia Dix, 6, kindergarten
Oscar Dix, 2

Where do you live?
Salina, KS

What do you do that shows your commitment to a healthy environment?
We do lots of things. Here’s a list off the top of my head:

  • Recycle aluminum cans
  • Reuse plastic shopping bags
  • Recycle paper for kids’ arts and crafts
  • Share a newspaper subscription with another family
  • Buy some of the children’s clothing used and donate it when the kids have outgrown it
  • Weatherize our home
  • Maintain a plot at an organic community garden
  • Recycle paper in my classroom, and encourage my students to reduce waste
  • Recycle our old cell phones

Why do you think your family’s contribution is important?
We save space in the landfill and promote conservation to our friends and family.

How do you share your green commitment with your children?
Our community has a recycling program that pays a small amount for aluminum. We give the money to our children for their piggy banks. It makes them conscious of every aluminum container in the household. They run to the recycling bin!


  • Joe Nathan 5 years ago

    This profile has really inspired me to persuade my family on a green course! Thanks so much for your column, once again, outstanding work!

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